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Miejska Strefa Kultury w Łodzi

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“Miejska Strefa Kultury w Łodzi” (MSK) is a public cultural centre co-financed by Municipality of Łódź. It consists of 15 branches located in different districts of the city. The branches work under one brand, combining their experience and achievements.

Main aim of MSK is to respond to the needs of local community in the area of non-formal and informal education. The mission of MSK is to educate adults and youth, to propagate culture, animate and integrate the local community.
MSK`s branches organize activities related to music, dance, theater, folklore and visual arts offering various forms of artistic, social and cultural education in different forms: classes, workshops, picnics, festival, conferences, seminars, trainings, art exhibitions, meetings with artists, lectures, interest clubs, etc. 

PRO-MED spółka z
ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością


PRO-MED sp. Z o. O. Is a small private company that has been operating on the domestic and international market since 1989. The company employs 3 people permanently. If an additional specialist is needed, PRO-MED employs people based on their proven experience.

Main areas specializations include e-learning, development, and delivery of blended courses, translation, and localization of the Polish language package for the learning management system (BSCW, WebCT, Moodle). PRO-MED was a partner in EU projects such as Phare (1998-2000), Leonardo da Vinci (1998-2008), Socrates (1998-2007), EQUAL (2005-2008), Interreg (2005-2006), Lifelong learning Grundtvig programs, partnership projects, multilateral, networks (2008-2014), Active Citizens - British Council (2011-2012), Senior Volunteering (2008- 2014), ERASMUS + (2014-2017). Recent projects: ERASMUS + SPADE - Be on time - Strategic Partnership for Digitally Excluded People (2017-2020), ERASMUS + SPIDW - Strategic partnership for the integration of older people in the digital world, 2018-2020, ERASMUS + CoLED - A learning environment based on cooperation for engineering education, 2018-2020, ERASMUS + Seniors @ ICT, 2018-2020. By promoting the development of an innovative approach to teaching and learning based on the e-learning and blended learning methodology, PRO-MED supports the construction of a common vision of education continuing life in European countries. Access to and increased participation in lifelong learning by the company's employees and people benefiting from the training offered is possible thanks to the use of flexible educational methods and the exchange of experiences in international partnerships. Since 2008, PRO-MED sp. Z o. O. Has been running "Meetings with a computer for seniors of the Gdańsk University of Technology", in which volunteer teachers, students and Ph.D. students. Lesson plans and training materials developed as part of international projects are mostly available in the form of open educational resources. PRO-MED sp. Z o. O. Has many years of experience in promotional activities, disseminating the results of projects at the national and international level (conferences, seminars, workshops, e-senior online magazine). The total number of people registered on websites administered by PRO-MED is over 1000 people. 

Norrköping Stadsmuseum


The Norrköping Museum is a historical museum by the Norrköping City Council. It employs 15 employees. The main story of the activity is a story of The Norrköping, it focuses on the city's past, a textile marketing center, but the museum also focuses on the current workday issues and having competencies in the field of anthropology and ethnology.

The museum has its archive and photo archive. Department of teaching work, in the framework of the services of adult education programs, organized tours and lectures as well. Also, organize other user visitor programs in which it use the personal stories of site visitors as part of your community history. The museum has methods for auxiliary methods in L programs over the years as well as pedagogical programs focused on notional points of value and awareness of the value of behavioral groups. The Norrköping Museum has a long pedagogical collaboration with seniors. It is one of the main groups, and the museum offers service and pedagogical programs for seniors, such as historical themes, city walks, hand workshops, as well as programs for association activities in Norrki for seniors, makeshift programs with historical film and photos. Over the years, employee workshops have also been organized for the elderly, which currently exist, currently preparing autobiographical workshops for older students about the old times, mentioning their work in the textile industry.

Aidlearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos Lda.


AidLearn Adult Education Center was established in December 2003 as a result of the cooperation of specialists with experience in such areas as economics, management human resources, social psychology, and intercultural relations. It is a training, research, and consulting company that operates at the local, national, and EU level European. Activities are devoted to the design, implementation, and evaluation of research, projects, and training that promote individual, organizational and local development.

One of the goals of AidLearn is to contribute to the improvement of human resources qualifications in Portugal. The main areas of AidLearn's intervention relate to the diagnosis of educational needs; the concept, delivery, and evaluation of learning tools, interventions, and activities as well as the development, implementation, and evaluation of projects and research in the following areas: entrepreneurship and management sciences, educational sciences, IT, health and safety, social services, environment, tourism, and sustainable development, innovation and creativity, cinema, multiculturalism, social inclusion, active citizenship, and participation in culture. AidLearn is a training provider certified by DGERT (Portuguese Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations) in various areas of education and training and the training work carried out strictly complies with the quality standards required by this public body. Offers courses in various areas of education and training, namely: trainer training, audiovisual and media production, commerce, marketing and advertising, ICT, food industry, social services, occupational health, and safety, environment and tourism, cinema, social inclusion, and active citizenship, in various ways: face to face, remotely, methods Combined, Action Learning and Project Methods. AidLearn has extensive experience working at the European level, both as a coordinator and partner, including projects on social inclusion and active attitude Civic. Through activities in European cooperation networks (more information at, AidLearn develops intervention methods, diagnostic tools, evaluation references, educational resources, educational platforms, and innovative products to renew/enrich the national practice. At the same time, his associates improve their skills and competencies - foreign languages, management, self-organization, teamwork, communication, evaluation, and research – necessary to coordinate and work in multicultural and multifunctional teams.

834e66_e2a4339766ec4cb4b51a92b203dddeef_mv2.webp specializes in creating learning platforms and certifying acquired knowledge. Using platforms based on the Moodle technology allows you to create courses training courses, assessment of the acquired knowledge, and award a badge confirming the training and acquired knowledge. participated in projects in which he created educational materials, to propose new ways of healthy cooking by controlling the carbon footprint of the foods we place on our tables. has been involved in many projects which the main goal was to develop a new environmental awareness and a new way of taking care of your health with simple measures that take into account the impact of their choices on the environment around us., has a department called Language Solution, dedicated to language training and the creation of blended tools for language training for adults, including seniors. S.r.l. has 4 paid employees, around 300 learners, and around 10 part-time workers, and 15 volunteers. The organization has experts in the field of innovation, the use of new technologies, local and cultural development, new forms of foreign language learning, culture, and education nutrition and use of creativity tools. Galileo has been a partner of many projects financed by the Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig programs, and other initiatives of the European Commission, and a partner of many projects financed by the regions of Italy and the Italian government. 



VHS Wien has over 100 years of history, during which it has made it easier for millions of people to work on expanding their skills and, above all, to break down barriers social. VHS Wien provides the basis for further education for people with different qualifications, has a huge range of courses, and is characterized by a democratic approach to education. 

In 125 years, VHS Wien has developed into the largest adult education organization in German-speaking countries. VHS Wien offers around 20,000 courses a year. About 140,000 people want to register for courses organized by VHS Wien. The areas of VHS activity include, among others, the sectors of language courses, pro-health, social policy programs, adult education, cultural and artistic projects, and multimedia studios. VHS Wien is also the largest in Vienna, a provider of educational services, the so-called second chance. Conducts courses preparing for the achievement of lower school certificates, among others baccalaureate, for exams at university and entrance exams for the chosen field of study. In addition to the general courses, there are professional courses in economics and personality development for teachers preschoolers, caregivers, and many others. It is an efficient center with many branches, the structure of which is a model example for combining activities educational, artistic and cultural. 

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